Elastic Resistance Training VS Conventional Devices

Elastic Resistance Training VS Conventional Devices

Is Resistance training providing the same gains and results as Conventional Devices? Study published in National Library of Medicine suggests that resistance training with elastic devices provides similar strength gains when compared to resistance training performed from conventional devices. 

The use of elastic resistance training (ERT) as a modality and clinical tool became popular in the 1980 and has been increasing in recent years. Its benefits include improved functional capacity, increased strength and endurance with increased muscle activation, and improved body composition, potency, and quality of life. In addition, it is practical to use, being low cost and able to be used in different places or in the comfort of your home. 

Studies have demonstrated similar outcomes in training response using conventional resistance training (CRT) and ERT in different populations.

Research has proven that resistance band exercises grow your muscles
and tone them at the same time. Toning your muscles is simply the process
of losing body fat so that muscles appear on the surface of your skin. There
are no specific exercises to tone you muscles. Resistance bands can add
muscle-building power to most types of workouts. They're also excellent for
rehabilitating muscles after injury. Resistance bands come in several
strengths, making them highly usable by most people.