RFS® Resistance Bands upgrade to 90lbs/41kg

RFS® Resistance Bands upgrade to 90lbs/41kg

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Additional resistance band to upgrade your Basic resistance band set. 

Adding this band to your basic set consisting of 5-pieces of resistance bands will upgrade your basic set from 150LBS/68kg to 240 LBS/90Kg resistance power.  

Bands included in this upgrade: 

  • 1 peace 50lbs/22.9 kg of resistance
  • 1 peace 40lbs/18.3 kg or resistance   

All bands are equipped with metal carabiner rings for easy stacking together to handles or other accessories. Other low-quality workout resistance bands easily snap off or get ripped apart after just a few days of use. RFS® resistance bands are made of the highest quality natural latex. With their sturdy build and expert craftsmanship, these exercise bands are all set to stay elastic and flexible for several years. 

Bands length: 1300mm / 51,2" NOT STRETCHED

All you need to stay fit

This is your entire Home Gym system so you can workout whenever you feel so.

RFS® ANchor

Patented adjustable RFS® anchor, easy to move up an down and fix at desired position. Fastened to your solid wall on six points providing safe anchoring for your elastic bands.

magnetic phone holder

You don't want to miss this accessorie. RFS® free app is your best friend when comes to exercise ideas and learning how to subtitute conventional gym machines with your home Gym system.


Get RFS for evaluation and discovery of exercises options. I can't stress enough how surprised I am with all the possibilitys this system gives me. Bye Bye Gym :)

Grant R

What a system!!! Can't belive what I can do with RFS in my small appartment. Highly recommended to anyone! App is great and inspirational!

Marko D

Man this system is freaking great! There is frankly no exercise I would do in Gym that I wouldn't be able to do at home on RFS.

Simply fantastic!

Jacob G